Grandma Breaks Down And Starts Crying While Telling Her Grandson How Much She Loves Him

Grandma Breaks Down And Starts Crying While Telling Her Grandson How Much She Loves Him

The sassy grandma is incredibly popular on Instagram and Matt often shares videos of them on their page.

There are very few people who will love us like our grandparents. Just the sight of their faces lighting upon seeing us can warm our hearts. Matt always had a strong close relationship with his grandmother, his "GB", but a recent video of them had him all emotional as she told him how much she loved him. Matt regularly posts videos of his interactions with his sassy grandmother, who's very popular on Instagram. In the video, Matt is sitting next to his grandmother and tells "GB" that he loves her. She replies that she loves him as well. The usually sassy grandmother suddenly breaks down and cries as she repeatedly tells him how much she loves him. She is almost lost for words as she tries to explain what he means to her and how much happiness he brings to her. Matt gets emotional as well seeing her eyes fill up. He posted the video and aptly captioned it, “There’s nothing like a grandmother’s love!” 




The video starts with him telling her, "Hey, you know I love you right?" She replies without skipping a beat, "I love you too, you don't know how much." She then takes a moment to remind him just how much she loved him. "Look, I could not love you anymore. Matt, you're like my own son." As the conversation progresses, you realize she wasn't just saying a routine "I love you" but trying to put into words just how much she actually loved him. As she tears up, he asks her if she's getting emotional. "Are you crying? Why are you crying?" She replies, "I'm crying because I love you so much. I'm so happy being around you and being with you." Matt also starts to get very emotional and tells her, "I love you too. You're going to make my cry." She then continues, "It's tears of happiness from being with you and around you. For letting me part of your life." Matt's eyes start to water as looks at her and he tells her once again, "I love you." She replies, "I love you too honey." 




Instagram users loved the video with it racking up more than 86,000 views. One user commented, "I work with seniors every day. Your videos make me remember why I do what I do. Its the love. It comes from the heart." The video also brought back memories, for many users, of their own grandparents. "I totally miss my grandmother!!!! This made me cry😭😭😭," wrote Meltur. The Instagram page about them has more than 142,000 followers and Matt always shared funny videos involving his grandmother. The display picture of the page — Matt hugging his grandmother — is also incredibly cute. The pair also have their own merchandise, with the money from the sale going to “Fishers Center for Alzheimer’s Research Foundation." 




Sociology Assistant Professor, Sara Moorman, who studied the emotional relationship between grandparents and adult grandchildren, found that both of them enjoyed psychological well-being from their close bond. "We found that an emotionally close grandparent-adult grandchild relationship was associated with fewer symptoms of depression for both generations," said Moorman, according to Psych Central. "Grandparents and adult grandchildren can be real resources for each other." Even while growing up, being around grandparents can make a huge difference to their overall development. "It could be as simple as knowing that there is always someone there if you need them," stated the Association for Psychological Science. 

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