Rare Baby Zebra Born With Spots Instead Of Stripes

Rare Baby Zebra Born With Spots Instead Of Stripes

The unusual zebra was spotted in the Maasai Mara National Reserve in Kenya, where photographers Rahul Sachdev and Antony Tira, who is also a tour guide, snapped some photos of the animal.

Well now, this is truly amazing. A rare polka dot baby Zebra has been sighted at Matira Bush Camp in Maasai Mara national reserve. Wow, social media is going to be on fire over this. As if hanging out with horses and regular Zebras wasn't good enough, now we have a marvel of genetics, a baby Zebra with spots instead of stripes! The rare animal has already won hearts all over the internet as photos of this unique creature have gone viral. And hey, this young fella might just help us solve the old dilemma of whether zebras are black with white stripes or white with black stripes.



The unusual zebra was captured at the Maasai Mara national reserve by photographers Rahul Sachdev and Antony Tira, who also happens to be a tour guide. Speaking to a local daily, Antony said he initially thought the zebra had been painted for migration purposes of migration tracking but after a closer examination, he realized that it had a melanin disorder. "The zebra has a rather amazing dark color due to a genetic abnormality linked to the amount of melanin, affecting the pigmentation of the fur," he said. 


Hundreds of tour vans surrounded the already scared foal, and, according to Mr. Felix Migoya the Mara tour guides and drivers association secretary, it created “an additional wonder” for international tourists who are in the reserve,  for the last moments of the wildebeest migration. Well, it appears that everyone's beloved Pandas are going to take a backseat for a week or two as the polka dot zebra is all over the internet. 


Zebras have very different temperaments to horses. They're far more aggressive and a lot more dangerous. Zebras have been known to kick each other to death, they will viciously bite any human that comes too close, and there are even many accounts of zebras fighting lions. In their natural habitat, zebras can live up to 25 years. This number can vary depending on food scarcity and predators. Also, they can be affected by various diseases that shorten their lifespan. In some cases, they can even live up to 30 years.


Parmale Lemein, a wildlife specialist from the Matira Bush Camp, told the Daily Nation that this was the first such case of a polka dot zebra at the Mara Reserve. It’s most likely that the baby zebra has melanism, which is the opposite of albinism. However, he had some sad news: no similar zebras have survived the past six months with such a condition in African parks.


More scientists in the world have analyzed the zebra species and say that their stripes form when there's an inhibition in their melanin production. That means that the animal is most likely black with white stripes and not the opposite. But zebra stripes aren’t just a fashion statement. Live Science claims that they help the animals stay cool in the scorching heat of the African plains. There are also theories that stripes help zebras hide from potential predators, and also help them avoid getting bitten by flies that are known to transmit diseases.

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