Fun Test: The First Thing You See In This Image Can Reveal A Lot About Your Personality

Fun Test: The First Thing You See In This Image Can Reveal A Lot About Your Personality

Much like the inkblot test, your personality will shine based on what you see in the image - even the hidden parts of your personality.

Your personality is anything but simple. Built on years of experience, the environment you are in, the people you meet, and so many more factors, your personality is dynamic and complex. But even though you may know a lot about yourself, sometimes, there are a few parts of your personality that are unknown even to you. And those hidden traits can appear when you do something as simple as look at an image such as the one below.



What you subconsciously see first says a lot about who you are:

1. Lips

If you looked at the image and were immediately drawn to the lips, it could be a sign that you are a carefree and easy-going person. You like to go where the wind takes you and prefer not to hold on to negative emotions. Instead, you'd rather focus on the simple pleasures that you experience on a daily basis. You see the beauty in the little things, something others might miss out on. Whether it's watching a bee sitting on a flower petal or noticing someone help another cross the road, you like to smile about these tender moments. 



This uncomplicated nature of yours spills over into your relationship and habits, allowing your friends and family to appreciate and love the honesty you bring to the table. Not many people are sincere in their efforts like you are. Also, because of how you open you are, people find it easier to approach you and build a strong bond with you. Of course, there might have been times others have tried to take advantage of your kind nature but you learned to be smart about it. You don't take shit from insincere people and have gotten much better at reading them. It's why your relationships tend to last much longer than most because you know who truly respects and values you.  

2. Roots

If the roots were the first thing you saw, then much like them, you could be the kind of person who is calm and provides stability to those who love you. While people might misconstrue your silence to be apathetic, only those who really love and value you know just how much you have to say. They respect your wisdom and the way you have a cool head on your shoulders in even the most difficult situations. They also appreciate the effort you put into spending time with them and being there when they need you. But when you're not with them, you like to engage in some introspection and think about what really matters to you. 



You can be stubborn at times, but about pursuing your dreams and building healthy relationships. When it comes to your passions, you refuse to let any obstacles bring you down. But you don't do it just for yourself. When it comes to your loved ones, you don't hesitate to bend backward if that is what will help them achieve their own dreams. Because of this, your close ones don't find it hard to talk to you about the issues they face, knowing that your sharp mind can come up with brilliant solutions. It might take some time for people to get to really know you but when they do, they see a smart, passionate and loving person whom they would love to call a friend. 

3. Trees

If the first thing you saw were the trees, then it could indicate that you are a sociable and independent person. You may love meeting new people and taking on challenges many others might hesitate to do. Your confidence speaks in your strides and your brave aura can make people turn heads when you walk past. However, just because you are kind and considerate to people doesn't mean that you're a sucker to be taken advantage of. The moment someone tries to take you for granted, they'd better watch out for the payback you dole out. 



After all, sugarcoating is not your style, even with loved ones. You know that honesty is the best way to keep a relationship solid and that you do it because you have their best interests in mind. But it's a two-way street. You'd rather have someone be truthful about you as well, not because you want to conform to their ideal version of you, but because you want to see yourself grow as a person. Because of how open-minded you are, your friends and family love spending time with you. However, it's how your energetic and positive vibe rubs off on them that ensures you're always the first person they call to go out on an adventure. You are the life of their party.  

Disclaimer : This article is for your entertainment / infotainment purposes.

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