Drunk Grandparents Strangled Two-Year-Old Boy To Death, Burned Body In Oven, And Threw His Remains

Drunk Grandparents Strangled Two-Year-Old Boy To Death, Burned Body In Oven, And Threw His Remains

The incident occurred in Kemerovo, Southwest Siberia, where the drunk couple grew tired of the baby's non-stop crying and decided to kill him.

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Trigger warning: Infanticide

In a disturbing incident, a two-year-old was allegedly strangled to death by his grandparents and thrown into a hot oven. Maria, 20, and Dmitry Shcherbakovy, 25, arrived at Dima's grandparents' house only to find the baby's charred remains in the snow outside the house. The incident occurred in Kemerovo, Southwest Siberia, where the couple, aged 52 and 48 respectively, were entrusted to take care of the baby boy but have since been arrested on suspicion of murder, reports Mirror. As per authorities who detained the couple over the death, the boy was strangled and thrown on a scalding stove. Per local media reports, the couple was in an inebriated state at the time and were having a tough time dealing with Dima's incessant crying.



When the parents arrived at the house, they reportedly found the clothes the toddler was wearing before stepping out to the below -20 degree temperature outside to find his burned corpse. A statement released by the Russian Investigative Committee said: "They located the little boy’s clothes in the house, but not him. Next to the house the parents found the body of their son in the snow, and called investigators and police. Forensic analysis will establish the exact reason for the little boy’s death.” The news has devastated the family with the child's grandma from the other end posted a picture of the baby and wrote: "Our poor little boy, how could we not save you?"



Instances such as these are not an unusual occurrence in Russia. According to Statista, the country recorded an average of 32.62 cases of family violence in 2019 which happens to be among the worst in the world. In another case of gruesome treatment of a toddler by grandparents, an 11-month-old baby was burned alive in a wood-burning stove after failing to control the baby's crying. According to Daily Mail, the horrific incident is said to have taken place after 21-year-old Viktoria Sagalakova, left her infant boy Maxim in the care of her parents Alexander Miyagashev, 48, and his wife Zhanna, 43, in Kharoy village in Russia's Khakassia region.



When the mother returned home, she found the boy's burned remains inside the stove of her own family's house. She soon found out that both her parents had been involved in his death, but did not believe it could be true. According to the outlet, Maxim had been crying profusely which reportedly annoyed his grandmother Zhanna, who was also allegedly drunk at the time. She then "started to suffocate the boy until he was silent." Afterward, the grandfather, Alexander, took the boy who was barely alive and put him in the stove, burning him to death.  Per the report, the mother took to social media to share her grief and wrote: "Rest in peace, my beloved son. My dear little son. My pain does not ease even for a minute. How will I cope with it that you are not with me? I can't hug you. Only your photograph is here with your kind and tender look. I look at your picture and you are smiling to me. I miss you so much, my son. Please come to see me just for one second. Come to see me in my dreams. I know that you see everything now because you are flying so high."


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