Dolphin Succulents Exist And We Can't Handle How Utterly Cute They Are!

Dolphin Succulents Exist And We Can't Handle How Utterly Cute They Are!

The adorable succulents have leaves that are shaped like dolphins leaping into the air and they are just what you need to turn your room into an indoor jungle.

One of my biggest regrets in life is my inability to keep a plant alive for more than a few weeks. No matter how hard I try, I cannot for the life of me turn my apartment into the indoor rainforest of my dreams. Forget a green thumb, I don't even have a green follicle in my body. However, that doesn't stop me from stalking gardening accounts on Instagram and it was during one such session that I came across what is probably the cutest succulents I've ever seen! Did you know that there is a variant of the succulent called Dolphin Succulents?



Also known as Senecio Peregrinus, these adorable plants have been lovingly nicknamed after our aquatic mammal friend for a very simple reason. Their tiny leaves look exactly like jumping dolphins! Each leaf is shaped like a crescent moon with itty bitty "fins" protruding out.


With this in your room, you can have strings of tiny green dolphins leaping into the air in all directions. It's not hard to see why people, myself included, are so obsessed with these cute plants. I might just devote my entire life to keeping these alive if I had them!


According to the Instagram account, It's A Succulent World, the dolphin succulents are actually a hybrid of the Hot Dog Cactus (Senecio Articulatus) and the String Of Pearls vine (Senecio Rowleyanus). Okay, with parents with such cool names, it's no wonder these turned out so cute!



While they aren't the only succulents that remind us of mammals, according to marthastewart.com, these have a pretty cool advantage over the "rabbit" succulents which had the Internet's attention for a hot minute.


While the Monilaria Obconica aka rabbit succulents, lose its bunny-ears shape as it gets bigger, the dolphin succulents show off tiny green dolphin leaves no matter how much they grow. Also, this plant apparently sprouts gorgeous white and pink flowers at times as seen in this picture.


Seriously, though. Can you wrap your head around how unbelievable cute these plants are? If it were me, I'd spent hours naming each and every leaf that sprouts. After all, they are very dolphin-ish and how can one not name dolphins?!


Or you could even spend sleepless nights counting the number of dolphin leaves on your succulent plant! Dolphin 1, dolphin 2, dolphin 3, dolphin 4, dolphin 5, dolph... You'll doze off in no time, I tell you. Counting sheep is so old fashioned anyway.


For those who are thinking of bringing one of these home, look no further, as after a few clicks here and there, I've managed to find these adorable succulents on Amazon. Priced at $19.99, they could be the beginning of the green makeover you've been dreaming for your room.


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