Cruel Owner Beats Dog With A Hammer And Locks Him In A Laundry, Still Avoids Jail Time

Cruel Owner Beats Dog With A Hammer And Locks Him In A Laundry, Still Avoids Jail Time

The Australian man was just asked to serve four-month intensive corrections and complete 50 hours of community service work failing which he would have to serve the remainder of the term in custody. He is also not allowed to own any pets for a period of 5 years.

Trigger Warning: Graphic description of animal abuse

A man in Australia who beat his dog named Dwayne with a hammer and caused him some very serious injuries including a laceration of the animal's tongue and damage to the teeth will not serve any jail time for the cruelty. The owner, a 33-year-old man from Emerton located near Sydney, beat the dog in his house and was also seen chasing him around his backyard with the weapon back in 2018. Despite the damage done, the owner refused to take the animal to the hospital. Ultimately it was the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA), officials who got the dog out of the man's home and gave it medical attention reports Daily Mail.


Neighbors of the man who witnessed the incident also thankfully captured the cruelty on video nailing the man for his crime. When questioned by RSPCA officials, he denied beating the animal but when told about the video footage he admitted to hitting the dog. The man apparently hit the dog on the legs while chasing him and then once cornered he hit him again for another 10 minutes. The dog yelps and cries from the beating. A part of the footage also shows the man hitting the dog with a plank of wood and then the squeals of the dog are heard. Witnesses also say there was another dog, both of whom were cowering near the man while he held a bloody plank of wood. Dwayne also had blood on his mouth. 


The incident took place in November 2018. The other dog, however, seemed to not have been hit. RSPCA officials visited Dwayne's house for the first time around the same time and found both dogs locked up in the laundry with blood covering the back deck. The owner was not at home at the time and RSPCA officials forced their way into the yard with the help of a locksmith. Soon Dwayne was taken to a vet. Some days later, RSPCA officials came back to the home and confronted the owner. "RSPCA Inspectors returned to the property on 15 November 2018 and cautioned the defendant as he initially denied any wrongdoing," information on the RSPCA website stated. 

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The website added,  "A vet determined that Dwayne had injuries consistent with recent blunt force trauma. The veterinary report lists full-thickness laceration to the tongue made by the upper and lower teeth forcefully penetrating the tongue, bruising around the face, fractured canine tooth, fresh blood in mouth, hypervigilant and displacement behaviors consistent with an animal following a major traumatic event. Further Laboratory diagnostics showed marked elevation of creatinine kinase (CK) and Hematuria (blood in urine) consistent with blunt force trauma to the urinary tract, such as bladder or kidneys." 


The owner has been placed on four-month intensive corrections. He also has to complete 50 hours of community service work. A breach of this order could result in him serving the remainder of the term in custody. "He received a five-year prohibition order preventing him from purchasing, acquiring, taking possession or custody of any animal with the exception of one Jack Russell terrier that was in his care, and uninjured at the time," the statement added. During the sentencing, Magistrate Corry said, "You left that dog in continuing pain as a result of not minor injuries, requiring medical treatment.” He added “Put yourself in the dog’s position if you were the subject of an assault. They feel pain. You should reflect on that.”

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