Mom Finds Genius Diaper Hack That Prevents Spillage While Throwing Them Away

Mom Finds Genius Diaper Hack That Prevents Spillage While Throwing Them Away

This hack means you don’t need a diaper bag and won’t risk touching anything you don’t want to.

As we all know, changing diapers can be a messy affair. No mom or dad wants poo or pee spilling out from the sides when you're disposing of them. But did you know? Diapers have a feature that wraps up the whole nappy in itself, meaning you don’t need a diaper bag! There's also no risk of touching anything you don't want to! One British mom-of-two shared the cool mom hack on her TikTok channel, where some parents were pretty surprised that they didn't know about it before, reports Metro. The mom with the handle @ladymcarthur pointed to the thin paper coating on nappies and revealed its purpose. Just peel the layer off and fold the waistband into it. Now all you have to do is keep rolling until the whole nappy fits into the makeshift bag.... and voila! You've made yourself your own little disposable bag.



Another mom from the U.S. tried it and loved the hack. According to The Sun,  Lauren shared a similar tutorial on her account Thoroughly Beautifulto show how well it works with pull-ups too. Once you've peeled away the back of the dirty nappy, you can wrap it around the outside. In the video, Lauren said, "This is a used pull-up... you just pull [the paper] up and it folds over. Then you can stuff it all in there. It doesn't get anything yucky on you and it makes it into this little ball to throw away!"




Another mom discovered a nappy hack four years too late. But Claire Colman, 34, from Fairford in Gloucestershire, is now happy to avoid using nappy sacks. According to The Sun, Claire who is mum to Darcie, three, and Freddie, two, took to Facebook to reveal her discovery, writing: Nearly 4 years of changing nappies and I’ve only just discovered this. #whoknew. These are Asda’s size 5 pull ups for those asking. We also get the Aldi version which do it too. Oh and it still works when the sides are ripped open.  However please use your own judgement on the contents of the nappy as to whether you use this method or just straight bag and bin it!




She admitted that she had noticed the mystery "pocket" but wasn't really sure what its purpose was. She continued saying that "Most nappy brands haven’t helped either as they cover up the little picture on both the front and back of the packaging... hiding the pocket's function. Close the nappy and starting from the bottom, fold or roll the nappy upwards. As the pockets are on both sides of the nappy it makes no difference which side you roll. Grab the bottom of the pocket and lift up. It might take a few attempts as they can be stuck down quite well. Wrap the pocket around the nappy and dispose." She added, "But now I pull the ripped open sides together and tie in a knot to keep it all in tact but this sometimes took a few attempts and was quite faffy. I  try to avoid using nappy sacks where I can. I noticed the pocket wasn’t fully stuck down so gave it a tug and the answer as to why it was there clicked into place. I always use this trick now depending on the contents. Sometimes folding/rolling the nappy just isn’t going to work and just needs bagging and binning." Her hack has since gone viral and most of it has been an overwhelmingly positive response. She said, "My favourite comments by far are the ones where people say thank you. It’s tough being a parent at times so it’s nice to know I’ve helped make this aspect a little easier for some."

Talk about time-saving and life-changing! Did you know about this? Hopefully, diaper duty just got easier for you parents out there!


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