Cruel Woman Shoves "Naughty" Kitten In Washing Machine, Puts It On Full Cycle For Pooping Indoors

Cruel Woman Shoves "Naughty" Kitten In Washing Machine, Puts It On Full Cycle For Pooping Indoors

54-year-old Catherine Young punished her defenseless cat and ended up taking its life.

Trigger Warning: This story contains graphic details of animal abuse that readers may find disturbing. 

Humans do not deserve animal companions. We are arguably the worst thing that could have ever happened to them. At least it's true in the case of a 54-year-old woman in Clacton, Essex, who heartlessly placed her 12-week-old kitten in a washing machine and had it run for a full cycle. Tragically, the tiny feline did not survive the violent spins of the machine which also had water in it. You must be wondering why Catherine Young did this to her adorable pet named Morritz, well the reason will leave you appalled. Apparently, the fatal act was supposed to be a punishment for the defenseless black and white kitten who pooed inside her home. 

Young first smeared the kitten's face with its own excrement before cruelly shoving it into the washing machine, according to Mirror. Colchester Magistrates' Court heard how the 12-week-old Morritz passed away after being put on a full cycle in the washing machine as punishment. The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) eventually learned about the incident after a Young called up a veterinary practice on June 15 to report that one of her kittens had died at home. 



When she arrived at the practice later in the evening, she had one male kitten with her called Bobbitz (which was alive) and a dead kitten, Morritz, whose fur was wet and body cold and stiff. When quested about the incident that led to the unfortunate death of the kitten, Young told a veterinary surgeon at the practice that she placed Morritz in the washing machine because she had been "naughty" because she had pooped inside the house. She explained how she rubbed the kitten's face with its own feces to tell her off before proceeding with the cruel act.

Apparently, this wasn't the first time that she had done this to Morritz, who she claimed had been "fine" during the previous assaults. Moreover, Young admitted to the vet that she had withheld food and water from both the felines for at least 24 hours before the kitten died because they had been naughty. Thus, the vet immediately examined Bobbitz, a semi-long-haired black, and white kitten, and found that it was clinically well. Following this, he told her that he would stay back at the practice to look after Bobbitz and that she would not be allowed to take him back with her. 



RSPCA inspector Jessica Dayes interviewed Young on June  17 while investigating the case. "No other animals were seen at the address, however empty litter trays, cat litter, a broken cat carrier and a bag of cat food were still in the kitchen," she revealed. Providing his witness statement to the court, the vet said, "It is my opinion that the deceased kitten had undergone significant unnecessary suffering by being deliberately placed in a washing machine and then this being placed on a wash cycle." He added, "The spinning of the machine and the water would have caused significant pain, injury and huge amounts of stress."

During the proceeding, Young represented herself and revealed that she had a personality disorder and mental health issues. She was eventually prosecuted by RSPCA after admitting to two animal welfare offenses. Young was fined £200 ($275.89) and was ordered to pay £145 ($200) in costs and £34 ($46.90) in victim surcharge. The 54-year-old was also banned from keeping animals indefinitely. As for Bobbitz, he is living in a loving new home and has been renamed Gulliver. 

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