Chrissy Teigen Secretly Paid College Fee For Struggling Woman Who Now Has Her Own Beauty Brand

Chrissy Teigen Secretly Paid College Fee For Struggling Woman Who Now Has Her Own Beauty Brand

Mercedes Edney hopes to give Chrissy Teigen a facial and a couple of beauty products from her cosmetic line Ixora Botanicals to repay her kind gesture.

Celebrities are always given a hard time over everything they do, or as a matter of fact, don't do. One of the main criticisms they're subjected to is they don't do enough in spite of earning a ton of money. What people don't realize is not everything celebs do need to be offered up on a platter to the public to be dissected, and that there's way more than meets the eye when it comes to their life. That's exactly the case with Chrissy Teigen, who reportedly donated over $5,000 for a fan's tuition fee just because she wanted to see the struggling woman succeed in life. In a blog on The Guardian, Mercedes Edney explains how a random act of kindness by Teigen helped change her life for the better.




Edney was in her late 20s when she reached a point where she wasn't sure what she wanted to do in life. Finding a job turned out to be a pain too, and so she decided to move in with her family. That's when one of her friends reminded her of her love for beauty. "I spent my childhood listening to my family’s skincare ailments and dispensing what I thought were appropriate lotions," she writes. "She suggested I do a six-month academy course to get my beauty license, which would give me the freedom to set up my own business." Edney instantly recognized that this was what she wanted to do, but it was near impossible because the course cost $6,000, which was way too out of her budget. However, her stubborn and determined nature wouldn't let her give up easily. She picked up a job as a quality control technician at a construction company to earn money to pay off her tuition fee.




"I tested the emulsion that went into the asphalt used to pave roads. It was intense, and I knew I’d have to work long hours to pay the fees for the course. To do both at the same time was going to put me under a lot of pressure," she adds.  However, she soon realized the pay was barely enough to pay for the tuition, which then gave brought her to the next idea: crowdfunding. "I knew if I could get a little help, it would leave me more time to concentrate on learning," she explained. By the first week of April, she set up a page and posted the same on her Twitter, and things began to catch up as she received donations of up to $300 within a few days.




That's when her most memorable moment in life occurred. She wrote: "Then, on the Friday night, while I was at work conducting an experiment, my phone pinged. I checked the notification and saw that a deposit had been made to my PayPal account: a very large amount of money. I had to sit down to read the words properly. There had to be some mistake. I assumed it was a scam." What she'd just seen was the contribution of a stranger, who'd just donated $5,605, her remaining course fee, in one fell swoop. "The name on the donation was one I instantly recognized: Chrissy Teigen, the model and TV host who is married to the singer John Legend. I read the email once, twice, and still couldn’t take it all in. I lost it. I started screaming and completely messed up the test I was conducting."






Edney also said that the amount may have been a drop in the ocean for Teigen, but it was life-altering in her case. She also added that she wasn't quite aware when the model started following her on Twitter or how she got around to making the donation.  Currently, Edney has started her own line of cosmetics under the brand name Ixora Botanicals and hopes to be able to give Teigen a facial at some point in the future and repay her kind gesture with a few great beauty products.



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