Cher Says Trump Tortured, Killed 160,000 Americans Without Remorse: "He Sold His Soul To Putin"

Cher Says Trump Tortured, Killed 160,000 Americans Without Remorse: "He Sold His Soul To Putin"

The singer-actor said Trump was using executive orders to pass benefits only to save his "mammoth ass" amid poor poll numbers.

Pop icon Cher is pulling no punches as she calls out the president over his botched coronavirus response among other things. She accused the President of "torturing and killing" the 160,000 Americans who died from Coronavirus. The singer also accused Trump of selling his soul to Vladimir Putin, in a tweet. Cher called Trump "scum" and said he doesn't care for anyone and can live with lying to himself about being a hero. Cher's strong words come as the death toll continues to rise. Cher said Trump was trying to save his "mammoth ass" by promising benefits in the wake of his poll numbers taking a hit.



The president overrode Congress to sign three memoranda and one executive order related to the new coronavirus relief package. While federal unemployment benefits were extended, the amount was reduced to $400 from $600. With the executive order, the suspension of student loan repayment will continue. He also deferred payroll tax collection for many workers. Many viewed his deferment of payroll tax with skepticism, considering it's used to fund Social Security and Medicare. He was also heavily criticized for overriding Congress. "My constitutional advisers tell me they're absurdly unconstitutional, and that's a parallel thing," said Pelosi, according to NPR. She then added, "Right now the focus, the priority, has to be on ... meeting the needs of the American people."



It's not the first time Cher has called Trump a murderer. She did so back in March when the virus gaining a stronghold in the country. She also labeled Trump a "cancer ravaging our nation." She tweeted: Trump has access to every mask, shield, gown, glove, bed, ventilator, respirator, test kit, national guardsman, a soldier from army corps of engineers, nurses, doctors, techs, first responders needed to save the lives of coronavirus patients and caregivers. Trump is a liar and murderer. Open your eyes. Cher deleted the tweet stating she may have gone too far with her criticism. She tweeted: Rarely delete tweets, but sometimes my passion, and trump’s lack of empathy, emotion, intelligence, caring, and his penchant for cruelty. Children locked in cams forever, States begging him for supplies and him saying "We're not shipping clerks is the last straw. But I went too far and am truly sorry. 


Cher lashed out at Trump after he pushed for the reopening of schools despite the rising death toll and coronavirus cases. "People are dying because Trump doesn't have a plan or care enough if they live or die. Trump only cares about the stock market. Would give anything for Joe Biden to be President instead of Trump. He's weak, lazy, frightened and ignorant/ I wouldn't put my child back in school," wrote Cher before adding, "Trump can't lead." 



The singer-actor called on her followers to vote Trump out of office in November. "If he wins, hatred, racism, bigotry will escalate. Freedom will perish. Russia wins. The only important thing is beating Trump. If Trump wins a 2nd term there'll be no America," wrote Cher. The singer also claimed that Trump wanted to become President only to get richer and play out his fantasy of being a dictator. "Only two things on Trump's mind are what makes Trump richer and a dictator. He's a thug with Ph.D. in showbiz," wrote Cher. "The election is a motherf**king fight. Expect Trump to lie, make shit up, forget 5 seconds later, be cruel, be dumb, not care, say things he doesn't understand."



She also slammed Trump's repeated attacks on the US postal service. She claimed that Trump was targeting blue states and the US postal service to facilitate a victory in November's presidential elections."Trump wants blue states to declare bankruptcy. He wants the Post Office to go bankrupt so we can’t vote by mail," wrote Cher. 

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