Michael Douglas Says Catherine Zeta-Jones Still Gives Him Butterflies After 20 Years Of Marriage

Michael Douglas Says Catherine Zeta-Jones Still Gives Him Butterflies After 20 Years Of Marriage

Michael Douglas has been nominated for his role in the Netflix series, 'The Kominsky Method'. He attended the BAFTA Tea Party with wife Zeta-Jones on Saturday where he shared the loving relationship he still shared with her and how he was still head over heels in love with the actress.

It's been 20 years since actor Michael Douglas and Catherina Zeta-Jones tied the knot, but Douglas recently revealed that she still gave him butterflies even after all these years. The couple's relationship has been rock solid since their marriage back in 2000. It is obvious why this is the case - they still are madly in love with another. In an industry where changing your spouse is not a big deal, this is one couple that is marriage goals for both celebrities as well as commoners. Addressing the media on the sidelines of the BAFTA Tea Party on Saturday, he said, “She does (still gives me butterflies)" and said, "She cleans up pretty good” according to a Fox News report.      



Douglas is has been nominated for outstanding lead actor for his role in the Netflix comedy series The Kominsky Method. The drama series talks about acting coach Sandy Kominsky played by Douglas who along with his best friend Norman Newlander(Alan Arkin)  keep each other company and laughing as they traverse life's ups and downs while they grow older. Douglas expressed his excitement at being nominated in the comedy category of the awards and said it was something that was special. 


Douglas and Zeta-Jones met on the sets of the 1998 Deauville Film Festival in France. They have two children together - Dylan, 19, and a daughter Carys, 16. From his previous marriage to Diandra Luker he has a son, Cameron, 40. Since the year 1974, Douglas has been nominated with 6 Emmy awards and won for his role in the Steven Soderbergh directed miniseries Behind the Candelabra for his role, playing the megastar singer, Liberace. 


Douglas also shared how happy award shows such as the one Douglas was attending make him and his wife feel because it gave them a chance to catch up with a lot of people. The two looked forward to such award ceremonies eagerly he said. “We live back east and we live in the country. So, we look at it as an opportunity to come out and see a lot of old friends and go to these shows, see people we love or admire,” Douglas said.  


He added, “We’re fans to of a lot of the stuff that we see on television and in the films, so that part is great and sort of treat it like a real experience rather than a necessity or part of your requirements.” Speaking about his role in the comedy series and his nomination, Douglas said, "So many clichés, you’d be hearing them all the time. This means a lot to me. This is comedy, you know … I’ve been (acting) for 50 years and the two areas I really had not done before was green screen … and then kind of a comedy show, and so I’ve just been so blessed."


He added, "Chuck Lorre is just great great writing (and costar) Alan Arkin. You’re in this wonderful environment at a time now when streaming has made it much more easy to bridge between television and film. So it’s a great time. It’s a really nice time. It’s nice to be out here and I’ll enjoy every minute of it. I’ll be the most stunned person if I win tomorrow. They’ll have to pick me up off the floor.”

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