Bride's IKEA Bag Hack To Pee Worry-Free On Wedding Day Is JUST Fantastic!

Bride's IKEA Bag Hack To Pee Worry-Free On Wedding Day Is JUST Fantastic!

Here's one more headache that a bride doesn't need to worry about on her wedding day. IKEA for the win!

Weddings are supposed to among the happiest and biggest milestones in your life. But in between deciding the china, making sure the band is booked for the right slot, and ensuring that you fit into that gown, weddings are bound to be stressful as well. Not to mention the thousand tiny things, like a drunk uncle throwing up to preempt.

As a bride, you'd think that looking pretty, smiling and talking to the guests will be your only worry on the wedding day. But in between all the drinks, when you feel like taking a leak, how do you maneuver that mountain of tulle and net to sit right (forget peacefully) on the potty?

This bride-to-be just ensured that you had one thing less to worry about on your wedding day. The British woman, who identifies only as Tina, came with an ingenious hack which involved only one element --- IKEA's FRAKTA big blue bag. She posted this on IKEA Hackers, a website that compiles hack ideas and is a community of crazy IKEA fans.

Image Courtesy: IKEA Hackers

According to the website, the entire thing costs about 0.80 euro and takes only 3 minutes to make. The website gives step-by-step instructions on how to create it.

Image Courtesy: Facebook

She asks the user to cut a moderate sized hole at the bottom of the bag while warning not to make it too big. She says the rim of the hole should be as close to the body as possible for it to work. She also adds that the dimension of the hole will differ from person to person depending on the size of their hips.

Image Courtesy: Facebook

Then, the instructions say to step inside the bag, placing your feet in the hole and put the large handles on your shoulders. In case, the hips do not fit enlarge the hole just a tad bit. And voila!

Image Courtesy: Facebook

On the day of the wedding, when you are in the loo, step into the hole in the bag. Either alone or with the help of someone, stuff the bottom of the dress in the bag and place the handles on your shoulders. You could ask the person to leave after that. And you're ready to take a wee!

The bride in the post on IKEA Hackers says, “Someone helping or watching me going to the bathroom on my wedding day? Not being able to have free hands to use the toilet paper? Or even worse if my period decides to show? NO WAY!" This hack allows the bride to circumnavigate through all these issues and attend nature's call in peace.

The hack got some amazing fan following with many raving about it:






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