Brazilian Woman Who Married A Rag Doll 'Gives Birth' To Child

Brazilian Woman Who Married A Rag Doll 'Gives Birth' To Child

The mother expressed how the contractions weren't painful and the baby was born in 35 minutes.

Brazilian citizen Meirivone Rocha Moraes married a rag doll that her mother made for her after she became ‘pregnant’ with his baby. Marcel, the doll-man, "didn't take care of himself and he didn't use a condom," only a few months after the duo got together, Daily Mail reported. The baby, named Marcelinho, was born on May 21, 2022, and the mother recently celebrated his one-month birth anniversary. 

Deciding to not have a child outside of wedlock, the two got married in a ceremony that was attended by about 250 people, according to The Sun. Speaking of their married life, the bride said, “It was a wonderful day for me, very important, very emotional. He is a man I always wanted in my life. Married life with him is wonderful. He doesn't fight with me, he doesn't argue and he just understands me. Marcelo is a great and faithful husband. He is such a man and all women envy him.”



Marcelo and Moraes had their meet-cute when her mother made him after she complained about being single and not having a partner for the forró. “It was because I didn’t have a forró dancer. I would go to these dances but wouldn’t always find a partner,” she bemoaned. “Then he entered into my life, and it all made sense.” She reminisced how it was love at first sight and she knew as soon she saw him, LADbible reported. 


After marrying him, she said, “The wedding was a wonderful day for me, very important, very emotional. It rained a lot, but it was wonderful.” Moraes continued, “From the moment I walked down the aisle to the end, it was just beautiful. Then went to the wedding night with my husband Marcelo, and we enjoyed our wedding night a lot.” They had their weeklong honeymoon in Rio De Janeiro and soon after, welcomed their bundle of joy in a home birth that was live-streamed. She gained weight during the pregnancy and speaking of the birth, the new mother said, “Seeing the placenta and the umbilical cord and the blood made it all real.”


The only problem in their marriage is that, now, they have monetary problems since Moraes is the only breadwinner in the house. She expressed, “He has so many great qualities but the only downside is he's lazy. He doesn't work at all. But I am a warrior and I keep it going for us.” 

Moraes pointed out that it ticks her off when people invalidate their relationship. “It really upsets me when people say this is fake. It makes me so angry,” the new mother said. “I am a woman of character. My father, my mother taught me to be honest, to be a good person and to not want to take advantage of anything."



In another unusual trend from Brazil, a woman who is a lingerie model married herself in the name of sologamy, last year. The bride, Cris Galêra unapologetically went to the church to complete the ceremony. She spoke of her experience, “I wasn’t ashamed, I went to church with determination.” She continued, “I did my own makeup and hair and everyone was watching because I didn’t have a fiancé.”



This move was a way of displaying self-love and expressing herself as her first priority, reported New York Post. Having had difficult experiences with her past relationships, she decided to conduct the nuptials by herself. “Most people loved it and found it interesting. They think I’m kidding, but I actually married me! And some women said they’ll do the same,” she exclaimed.



Galêra left her small town in Brazil to become a fashion influencer in São Paulo a while ago. She now has over 213K followers on Instagram. Being a public figure comes with criticism, however, it doesn’t faze Galêra who remarked, “The offenses and criticisms do not reach me! When you’re happy, nothing shakes you, nothing affects you!” Having honeymooned in London and Paris, the model added, “The most fun was the feeling of fulfillment and pride in marrying myself…I will not be disappointed, I will not betray my trust and I will love myself above all.”

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