Bette Midler Blasts Melania On Twitter In Poem That Says She'll "Flee" From Trump's "Wee Wee"

Bette Midler Blasts Melania On Twitter In Poem That Says She'll "Flee" From Trump's "Wee Wee"

In a series of tweets, the singer-songwriter attacked key personalities within the Trump administration, including President Donald Trump himself.

The feud between singer-songwriter Bette Midler and United States President Donald Trump is still going strong on social media platform Twitter. In the past, both Midler and Trump have been guilty of throwing cheap shots at each other, flinging each other with heavy criticism. Most recently, the 'Wind Beneath My Wings' singer took to the website to post a short but rather scathing poem about the President's wife, First Lady Melania Trump, reports Fox News. While she received immense backlash for the poem - though there were a few supporters - she did not stop there. Later, she posted similar poems for other Republican strongholds such as Senator Mitch McConnell.



On the afternoon of June 18, Midler uploaded to Twitter: There once was a girl from Slovenia, who now lives right on Pennsylvania, to the East Room she’ll flee, from her husband’s wee wee, while he plays with his own schizophrenia. It appears that nothing prompted the poem. Some Twitter users seemed to enjoy the poem in its entirety, such as BeachcomberNC who responded with their own poem. They stated: There once was a genius named Bette, with a wit we can never forget, she's sharp as a laser, Trump's attacks will not faze her, he'll end up in a maze of regret.



JayJayEnglish added: I LOVE IT! LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT. CherylPost11 praised: Genius, Bette Midler. Always loved your work and this is among the best! Keep it up! Cdshama posted: Bette. You are the wind beneath my wings. Thank you for using your skill and talent writing limericks! Give us more! While the compliments poured in for Midler, a plethora of comments criticizing her did too, especially for her use of schizophrenia as a comedic tool.



As schizophrenia is a serious mental illness, many felt that it was inappropriate as a punchline, which is what Midler definitely intended it to be. Therefore, some users pointed out the problematic use of the term and hoped she would apologize in future posts. Theasscat wrote: I’m asking everyone to call out Bette Midler. Schizophrenia is not a joke or something to make light of. On behalf of the millions of families that suffer be better than this. JessMPH2009 affirmed, agreeing with the previous user: Thank you! There are many effective ways to advocate and call out abhorrent people. Using ableist language should not be one of them! The singer-songwriter is yet to respond to the backlash she has received for her "ableist language."



However, she did upload follow-up tweets featuring similar poems for other Republican bigwigs such as Senator McConnell. She posted: There once was a turtle named Mitch, who was really a son of a b*tch, in the Senate he’d muster, a grand filibuster, but he still had no neck, so f*ck him. Regarding former Press Secretary Sarah Sanders, who resigned only a few days ago, she wrote: FROM A FRIEND. In a village tucked somewhere in Flanders, lives the milkmaid named Huckabee Sanders, in DC she slung sh*t, like a true hypocrite, now she’s dealing with cows, not commanders. The best poem of all, was, of course, about her good ol' pal Trump. She uploaded: Everyone loathes Donald Trump, including the ladies he lumps. I predict you will see, he’ll begin World War III, by tweeting while taking a dump. Now, the Twitterverse remains in wait for Commander in Chief, President Donald Trump, to respond.



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