Baby Drowns In Bathtub After Parents Leave Him With Siblings Aged 2, and 3, And Fall Asleep

Baby Drowns In Bathtub After Parents Leave Him With Siblings Aged 2, and 3, And Fall Asleep

The nine-month old baby's mother woke up to find the baby face down in the bathtub and blue all over.

A nine-month-old baby drowned in a bathtub after his parents fell asleep at their home in Florida. The baby was found face down in the bathtub at around 11.30 am, according to authorities. Heather Clifford, 29, had placed the baby in the bathtub alone for 20 minutes along with two siblings aged 2 and 3 before falling asleep in another room in the house. The boy's father Shawn Davis, 30, was also asleep during the tragic incident, according to a report by The Daily Mail. 



"For some period of time, at least 20 minutes, that child was left alone in the bathtub. When she came back she found the baby what they described as blue. Obviously it had drowned," said Martin County Sheriff William Snyder. "It’s a sad situation. It’s terrible. You know, it’s a 9-month-old baby. It’s Christmas. These are the hardest things for our detectives to work,” said Sheriff Snyder, according to a report by CBS12.


"The child’s parents found the infant face down in the water after the mother, identified as Heather Clifford, told investigators she left him in the tub unattended for at least 20-minutes," read a statement by Martin County Sheriff's Office. The parents call the emergency helpline after the boy's mother, Heather Clifford, found the baby facedown in the water and blue all over. Deputies from the Martin County Sheriff's Office rushed to their home in Hobe Sound where the boy's father was found performing CPR on the baby. The first-responders took over from Shawn Davis but were unable to revive the baby, Cameron. The infant was subsequently rushed to the hospital where the baby was pronounced dead. 



Martin County Sheriff's Office also confirmed that the two other children in the house were taken away by the authorities. "Despite efforts by dispatchers giving CPR instructions, and further efforts by deputies and Martin County Firefighters, the child was pronounced dead at the hospital. Two other children under the age of five were also in the home at the time. DCF has since removed the other children from the home," read a statement by the cops. The authorities also confirmed that Cameron's parents could face criminal charges but it's waiting for the autopsy report to determine the cause of death. "It's very suspicious, it's very preventable and we'll be consulting with the State Attorney's Office on the possibility of a criminal charge going forward,' said Martin County Sheriff William D. Snyder, according to WPBF. Snyder also confirmed that Florida's Department of Children and Family had been called to Heather Clifford and Shawn Davis' home multiple times in the past due to their negligence. A neighbor said that she and her husband had recently alerted child welfare services after the couple were found sleeping while their kids were found walking outside their home, barely dressed. 



"The Martin County Sheriff’s Office has responded to this home at least three times in the past, one of which was to assist DCF in a matter. An autopsy on 9-month old Cameron Davis is scheduled for Monday. Investigators will work closely with the State Attorney’s Office to determine if either parent will face charges," read a statement by Martin County Sheriff’s Office.  Martin County Sheriff's Office's records show that Davis has been arrested previously on multiple charges including, failure to appear in court, violation of probation on a misdemeanor, battery, reckless driving, failure to register a vehicle and having no motorcycle endorsement on his driver's license. Heather Clifford has also been arrested previously for violation of probation on a misdemeanor charge, giving false information to a pawnbroker, dealing in stolen property and battery. One of the neighbors, Lisa McClintock, felt sorry for the couple. "They’re pretty quiet and seemed to be, you know, just young struggling parents trying to make their way through. They seemed nice to me,” said McClintock

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