Artist Creates Magical ‘Harry Potter’ Mask That Turns Into The Marauder’s Map When You Breathe

Artist Creates Magical ‘Harry Potter’ Mask That Turns Into The Marauder’s Map When You Breathe

Colorado-based Stefanie Hook recently released a TikTok showing off her magical color-changing mask.

Masks are now the new normal unfortunately due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The tiny silver lining may just be that many artists are getting creative with face masks. One such artist is Colorado-based Stefanie Hook who recently shared a TikTok video showing off her magical masks that claim to be dust masks. The face coverings quickly became viral, especially among Pottermaniacs. At first, it appears to be a simple black mask. Similar to the Marauder’s Map from Harry Potter that looks like nothing spectacular at first... just a plain parchment. Until...

You breathe into it and then the mask reveals the image of the Marauder's Map, which shows secret passages around Hogwarts to those who know how to activate it. In the magical world of Harry Potter if one needs to view the map, you need to tap it with your wand and recite, "I solemnly swear that I am up to no good." The content of the map will then reveal itself. But if you must hide it away from prying eyes so the parchment appears blank again, one must again tap it and recite, "Mischief managed." Stefanie's mask draws inspiration from Harry's world. Speaking with Insider, she said she created the mask to "bring some magic" into our real world.


Stefanie is a mother of three and a US Navy reservist. She also owns and operates a company called CPEX, or Colorado Pony Express, through which she sells hand-sewn plush toys and accessories. She's also started to sell face coverings in recent weeks. The masks are not medical grade but have been created using guidance from the Centers for Disease Control, which recommends people wear face coverings in public spaces where they may find it difficult to maintain a safe distance. Her website explains: This face covering does not replace PPE such as N95 or surgical masks, This face covering does not protect or mitigate diseases or viruses. Please follow CDC directives for best use. This face covering is best for hobbies, or cosplay. The site adds: Although these masks are used from a provided CDC pattern for handmade masks, it is the suggestion of both the CDC and CPEX that these be used in conjunction with medical-grade masks and only as a last resort whilst sick. These masks will not prevent sickness such as COVID-19 Masks are made with a cotton inner layer and either a cotton outer layer.  We suggest that these masks be laundered before use.


Stefanie shared that her Harry Potter-inspired mask was just another item to her interactive collection that she liked to create. "I try to bring imagination to life in the creation of my products, ensuring that they are not one-dimensional items," she said. "I like to give the average person the ability to own items that are unique, and bring magic into the real world in hopes to further inspire others to create and be creative."  "The video I shared was of a prototype, and I just put it together quickly to show my fans," she said of her Marauder's Map mask. "I never imagined it would gain the following that it did."  The reactions to her unique mask designs have been "overwhelming." "I went to bed the night I created my TikTok account and had posted the first video with 19 views and one follower, which was my sister," she said. "I awoke to 400,000+ views and 12,000 followers in less than 12 hours. My business group on Facebook had thousands of requests to join in the first 24 hours as well."

Making these magical masks aren't easy. "From start to finish, between cutting fabric, treating the fabric, waiting for the fabric to set, and sewing a single mask together, it can take 17 hours," the artist confessed. "The majority of the time is waiting for the treatment to set into the fabric. I've learned to make multiple at a time, production-line style, to maximize my efficiency." She plans to sell more Marauder's Map masks but "in very limited quantities," as she's the only person who sews for her business. Her website claims that more masks will become available on May 29. "I feel like the world can be magical and that we are not limited by the boundaries of our reality," she said. "I will continue to push those boundaries in hopes of inspiring others and brightening people's days."


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