Arkansas Man Rammed Jogger With His Truck, Raped & Buried Her Body, Then Joined A Search For Her

Arkansas Man Rammed Jogger With His Truck, Raped & Buried Her Body, Then Joined A Search For Her

Sydney Sutherland, 25, went missing in August while she was jogging near her Newport home. Her body was found two days later.

Trigger Warning: The story has details of a murder and rape that readers may find disturbing

New details have emerged in the killing of 25-year-old Sydney Sutherland, the Arkansas woman who went missing while on a jog and was found dead two days later in August. An acquaintance of the woman, 28-year-old Quake Lewellyn, admitted to having raped and murdered her. Court documents revealed that Lewellyn even joined searched parties near Newport to find Sutherland after he killed her, reports Arkansas Democrat-Gazette. According to documents, he rammed Sutherland with his pickup truck while she was jogging on a rural highway. He then loaded her body in his vehicle and took her to a remote location where he raped her. After this, her body was buried in a field. The incident sent shockwaves across the state. A number of search parties were organized when she was first reported missing on August 19.




On August 20, the woman's iPhone was found "in a field along Jackson County Road 41 South," some 1.3 miles from her home, according to the documents. The next day, they located her body not very far from where investigators found Sutherland's phone. Arkansas State Police senior special agent, Creston Hutton, stated in the documents that Sutherland's body was located after a "consent search" of the suspect's phone. Investigators found the victim's body via the "location services application" on Lewellyn's phone. "Sutherland's deceased body was located just a few yards from where the location services application indicated Lewellyn's location," the documents stated. The suspect admitted to having struck her when he saw Sutherland jogging on County Road 41 South, a mile away from her home.




Sutherland's death was ruled a homicide by the Arkansas State Crime Lab. The affidavit did not reveal the manner of her death and police said they could not comment on the same. Lewellyn is presently lodged at the Randolph County jail in Pocahontas. He was transferred away from the Jackson County jail in September for safety reasons. Sutherland, her friends noted, had just passed her board a few months before her murder and was a registered nurse at the Unity Health-Harris Medical Center. Investigators pointed out that Sutherland and the murderer knew each other but not "particularly well." According to a report in KATV, the two were in high school together. Following Lewellyn's arrest, his wife filed for divorce. The reason for the divorce was cited as "general indignities."




According to a complaint filed by the wife at Craighead County, she stated Lewellyn had committed "abuse, contempt, and neglect." Her lawyer, however, added that he had used "antiquated language" and that she had not accused him of physical abuse. Lewellyn and his family are farmers. In 2016, his family was recognized as the Jackson County Farm Family of the Year. As per our earlier report, a relative of Sutherland shared what is believed to be the last photo of her at the time when the murder was first discovered. The same was revealed to be taken from footage at their house, not long before Sutherland went on her run. Sutherland was seen wearing pink sneakers, black shorts, and a white tank top and appeared to be moving items on the trunk of a car.




She then went on her run as her car and other items remained at home. "This was at 1pm on 8/19/20 at our house. She went for a walk around 230pm by her house on HWY 18. Please help us find our sassy!!" wrote Summer Sutherland on her social media account.  Sutherland's remains were found north of her home. The police were also led into a false chase during the investigation. A UPS driver had made a testimony of seeing Sutherland jogging in the area of Jackson County Road 41 where a truck was seen. There are also other eyewitness accounts of a Texas truck being seen in the same area. This was, however, dismissed by police as false leads and rumors. 

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