Arizona Woman With Down Syndrome Still Missing, "Just Bring Her Home," Appeals Mom. Spread The Word!

Arizona Woman With Down Syndrome Still Missing, "Just Bring Her Home," Appeals Mom. Spread The Word!

Sarah Galloway is white with brown hair and eyes with a height of 4 feet 11 inches and weighing 100 lbs

It’s been almost two months since Sarah Galloway, 38, has gone missing but a small community northwest of Tucson, Arizona, are praying and hoping along with Sarah’s mother Sherry that she returns. Sarah Galloway, who has Down syndrome, is 4 feet 11 inches and weighs 100 lbs. She is white with brown hair and eyes, which are crossed, People reported.

Her mother appealed to the public, in general, to return her daughter. “If you see her, just bring her home. Drop her off, go on, just bring her home safe, that’s all,” said Sherry Galloway as per a report by Kold.


Sherry Galloway always kept track of her daughter’s whereabouts in the house with the help of her voice as she loved to keep talking to herself, usually pretending to have conversations with friends or talking about day to day details.

On March 21, after taking a shower, Sherry, 66, settled down on her bed and slowly realized that she couldn’t hear Sarah talking. She did a quick search around the house and ran to the front door and looked either side of the road but Sarah was nowhere to be seen.

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“My first thought was that she’d just walked further than she was allowed,” said Galloway. “I got in the car and drove down the road. No Sarah. I was freaking out. … Within about 10 minutes, we’d called 911.”

At the time of going missing, Sarah was wearing a grey sweater, a red T-shirt and black pants. Law enforcement, professional and volunteers have continued searches by foot, car, and air but are yet to find any clues to her location. The local law enforcement has also utilized the services of the Department of Homeland Security to conduct helicopter searches.


“She’s a vulnerable adult and we’re doing everything we can to locate her,” said a spokesman of the Pima County. “We’re looking to the public to supply any tips they have.” On Wednesday Pima County Sheriff’s Department concluded the search for Sarah but is still hopeful the public could provide new leads on the case.

Sarah became a part of the Galloway family when Sherry adopted her at the age of 12. “She is the most precious thing in the world to our family. Every time I open my eyes in the morning I’m thinking about Sarah. Please find her and bring her home. Let us rest.”

"I miss having her come and kiss on me in the morning. I miss having her kiss me at night when she'd go to bed," said Sherry Galloway. Sarah usually engages herself by helping her mother around the house or by attending a day program, her mother said. Sherry said her mother was into coloring and role-playing movie characters with her mother. “She’s super-friendly. No one is a stranger to her. But she needs supervision to care for herself. She cannot operate a cell phone,” said Sherry.

"This is Sarah when she was younger, with her biological sister, Denise. She was dressed up for Easter. We were celebrating Easter at my mothers. I wanted to share it because she looked so beautiful in her Easter dress, and she was so proud of that dress. Please, I’m not posting this to offend anyone," Lisa Downing posted on Facebook

Sherry said her daughter had been having delusions of a ‘husband’ for months prior to her disappearance. “It was really weird. She was fantasizing about someone — an acquaintance — being her husband, telling me that this guy was going to do bad things to me. We didn’t know where that was coming from or what to think.”

Her mother says Sarah had changed dramatically and wasn’t listening to her. She would constantly run outside and throw rocks at the windows. “She kept saying her husband was going to steal my car and when you ask her who her husband is, she would name him and I don't think I'm allowed to name him, I just go to keep my thoughts to myself because he had an alibi,” said Sherry Galloway.

WIth time Sherry is convinced someone took her daughter, “I think somebody’s got her and they’re just…. I don’t understand how anybody could just pick her up and just go on. Every morning, 7:30 - 8 o’clock, I sit out here and watch cars and I’m just like, ‘Did you take her? Did you take her? Did you take her?’” said Sherry Galloway.

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