Abusive Foster Mom Abused Six Siblings, Shoved Table Legs, And Made Them Eat Feces For 14 Years

Eunice Spry, known as the "most sadistic mother", abused the children because she said they were "the devil's children."

Trigger Warning: This story contains details of child abuse and torture some readers may find disturbing.

A foster son of Britain's "most sadistic mother" has revealed how she abused him and his five siblings for years, shoving table legs into their throats, making them eat their own feces, and torturing them and justified herself saying they were "the devil's children". Christopher Spry, raised along with his two siblings, Alloma and Caleb, adopted siblings Charlotte and Victoria, and Eunice's daughter Judith - in a remote farmhouse in Gloucestershire, had to live through literal hell for 14 years, Daily Mail reports.

One of the siblings, Victoria, committed suicide in 2020 at the age of 35 and the rest blamed their evil mom for her untimely death. "Being in Eunice's care killed Victoria — I don't think anyone could argue with that," Christopher told Daily Mail. "Eunice was very good at stripping away any self-belief and confidence you might have in yourself." Alloma, now 32, believes the same. "I think most people think we were plucked out of that and all lived happily ever after but it doesn't work like that. The damage is very real." She added that Victoria tried very hard to survive for the sake of children but she never knew what normal life looked like. "She tried so hard to fight her way out of it but she succumbed. It is very sad."

Victoria was subjected to horrible mental and physical torture by Eunice, who forced her to eat her own feces and vomit along with two others. In a tell-all interview, Christopher shared that he, Victoria, and their other siblings were beaten with machetes, cricket bats, and their heads were even held underwater. There was no end to the torture the evil mother put them through, Christopher recalled, as she rubbed their faces with sandpaper, shoved sticks into their throats, and locked them naked in rooms for several weeks at a time. Fortunately, the siblings received a semblance of justice after Victoria escaped and raised alarm to get the police involved, leading to the mother's incarceration for 12 years, reduced from 14 upon appeal, before being released in 2014.

Christopher recalls that Victoria went on to work with social workers to help spot signs of abuse early, before eventually writing a book detailing her experiences called "Tortured". Paying a tribute to her sister and her efforts to safeguard children, he added: "The work she was doing with the Gloucestershire Safeguarding Board and social services was because she wanted ours to be the last 'horror case' for Gloucestershire. I think her legacy will be the work she was doing to help the next wave of social workers to spot cases like ours earlier on." According to Christopher, Eunice claimed that she was a devout Jehovah's Witness and that she said she punished him and the siblings in order to save them from the apocalypse, but he doubts that the foster mom was actually a sadist and was never religious.

"For quite a lot of our childhood we were told we were the devil’s children," he shared. "What she was doing was to save us from Armageddon. We accepted for quite a long time we were doing things wrong and that we deserved it. "It’s my personal view that Eunice never really believed in God. I remember praying, getting really angry that I wasn’t getting answers, I prayed every night." Despite all the horrifying things the siblings had to live with, they found a way to deal with it. "We’ve really had to, to survive this mentally, we’ve had to normalize the abuse in our heads," he said. "I've had moments where I’ve tried to think about it too much and ended up on the wrong side of mental health." When asked how he doesn't let his past define him, he signed off, saying: "I try and live life to its max, to its fullest and i'm not going to let her define me. My future is mine and I'm running towards it."