7 Reasons Why Taking Trips With Your Mom Is Good For Both Of You

7 Reasons Why Taking Trips With Your Mom Is Good For Both Of You

It puts a smile on her face! That's reason enough, isn't it? What could beat making your mother, the one who has raised you and been by your side all your life happy.

Going on a trip with your mother at least once every year is one of the best gifts you could possibly give her. Even though the relationship has its ups and downs throughout your respective timelines, its a bond worth investing in, especially as you both grow older.  Sure, you have your family vacations with other relatives present as well but it is a totally different experience. According to them, it is a much better experience too. It gives you a chance to connect not just as mother and child but as friends as well. While hanging out like two adults you will learn so much more about them than you thought you knew. 

Here are seven reasons why going on a trip with your mom at least once a year can do wonders for that relationship:

1. You can finally catch up in peace.



You and your mom get on the phone every now and then to fill each other in regarding what is going on in each other's life. However, this is not enough. It is miles apart from actually meeting in person and talking. Going over to each others place can also not be as satisfying because you are constantly trying to make something or do something for each other. None of this happens on vacation. You are allowed to relax and talk freely without any stress. 

2. You get to know each other better.



Going on a trip with your mother might just show you sides of her that you didn't know existed. It is something you've never seen because she was only trying to take care of you while you were growing up. Spending so much time with each other also results in getting to know each other better. You both understand each other more. You also clear out a lot of things, a lot of unresolved issues with them. It might sound stressful but it only makes your bond stronger.

3. Your mom is probably the best travel partner. 



Going with your friends means going dutch. From food to accommodation, to travel. Basically, for everything. Of course, you would want to spend your own money even when you are with your mom because you are independent now. Well, your mom always has this one sweet thing to say, "Baby, it's on me." During these vacations, you might also realize how you and your mom have very similar tastes. There is no limit to anything on vacations with your mom, go shopping as much as you like, go drinking, go crazy on food, and what not.

4. You both step out of your comfort zone.



Sure, we all feel like our moms are boring and their idea of fun is very different from ours. We think that we probably won't have a good time traveling with them. However, you'd be surprised to know what happens when your mom loosens up and forgets all the troubles in her life for a few days. She probably goes back to how her life was before you. This is when you know that she should probably be your best friend. Discovering new sides of each other and getting out of your comfort zone to take the risk is going to be worth it when you have the time of your life on the trip with your mom!

5. You can cross things off of your bucket list together.



Just like you, your mom also probably has a lot of things in her bucket list. So, before planning the trip to a random destination, maybe talk to her about it. See what he wants to do. To your surprise, you might have similar bucket lists. If not, then there are probably some things and places that both of your lists have in common. I mean, it's not going to be that hard to find a place where you can both do the things you want to, right? Crossing something off your bucket list with your mother deserves a place on your bucket list!

6. Creating new memories.



The trip is almost definitely going to be fun. You're surely going to create a lot of new memories that will only make your bond stronger. It gives you a good reason to go on trips with your mother more often. You probably haven't made a lot of memories with them during the time you were in high school or college. Maybe now it is time to make up for those lost years.

7. It is the BEST gift your mom could ask for.



Your mom misses spending time with you more than you know. She waits for you to get done with college, get a good job, and then some holidays where you can finally spend quality time together. It is high time we realize that she deserves spending good quality time with us. Going on vacation with her can make all the difference in the world to her. That is when you will see the most real smile on her face. At the end of the day, what's better than giving her the true happiness that she deserves.

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