6-Year-Old Girl Paralyzed In Horrific Accident Meets Her Service Dog And It's Love At First Sight

6-Year-Old Girl Paralyzed In Horrific Accident Meets Her Service Dog And It's Love At First Sight

Memphis Rose Hamman, who spent months in treatment, got a wonderful gift from a non-profit that helps children with life-threatening diseases.

Memphis Rose Hamman, a 6-year-old girl from Florida, has gone through hell in the last couple of months. An accident in a car she was in led to a severe spinal cord injury that left her paralyzed. However, through grit, her determination, and the expertise of doctors, she came around well. There's still a long way to go with her recovery set to take months, if not years. Hamman's struggle was made a bit more bearable with the coming of Juliet in her life, a 4-month pup who is set to be her therapy dog. Hamman and Juliet met for the first time outside the St. Mary’s Medical Center in West Palm Beach, Florida and it was love at first sight. Hamman's mother, Gayrene Meade, 30, told People. "Juliet took one look at Memphis Rose in her wheelchair and jumped onto her lap licking her and cuddling." 




Juliet is currently undergoing training so she could be fully ready to take care of Hamman in her full capacity. Meade added, "My daughter is a dog lover and wants to be a veterinarian. She was so happy to meet Juliet that she smiled brighter than I have ever seen, especially after learning that the loving puppy was in training to be her service dog. It was a magical moment for me after a horrific few weeks." The golden retriever was given to Hamman through the charity, Chasin A Dream Foundation, a local nonprofit that helps children with life-threatening diseases. The organization's founder, Lori Griffith, got to know of Hamman's story and knew Juliet was the perfect match. "I was told that Memphis Rose has always wanted a dog so I called my contacts at Furry Friends Rescue Center in Jupiter, and what they said gave me goosebumps, making my heart race with joy," said Griffith.




Juliet, coincidentally, had been given to the Furry Friends, Adoption, Clinic & Ranch on the day of Hamman's accident. Juliet was given by the Wyoming Sky Goldens in Gillette, Wyoming that trained puppies to be service dogs for veterans. "We had worked with a talented dog trainer named Summit Earhart who is affiliated with Furry Friends, Adoption, Clinic & Ranch in Florida, and sent Juliet there to train as a service dog for a veteran. Now, we are so happy to be part of the team that will make Juliet work for Memphis Rose," said Kourtney Haddix, owner of Wyoming Sky Goldens. So far, Hamman and Juliet have been out together quite a few times. She even accompanied Hamman when she went to the Shriners Hospitals for Children in Philadelphia for spinal rehabilitation sessions for a few weeks.




"Juliet was born to be a service dog for Memphis Rose," said Earhart, 26, who added, "I have had no issues with Juliet. She is energetic, excels in socialization, potty training, environmental and obedience. Not scared of much, she is open to exploring. Juliet is not a hesitant dog." Earhart went on further to say: "Since we can’t cover everything, we get Juliet used to doing and seeing as many things as possible so whatever happens is okay with her. Memphis Rose is happy that Juliet is doing well, and I feel so lucky to help make a difference in this child’s life". In an update posted on social media, Meade wrote about Hamman arriving at their new home on October 25 on a Facebook page set up for her. She wrote, A big shoutout goes to Memphis’s auntie, Miranda Meade , for organizing a very sweet “welcome home”’parade for Memphis.  Memphis was very excited at first but then that quickly turned into major anxiety followed by a panic attack. That was the first time she’s has seen anyone other than family and a few other very close family friends so I think it was just too overwhelming for her.  Memphis’s service dog, Juliet, came to the rescue though and did a great job of being there for Memphis and comforting here. Yesterday was also the day Juliet came to see where her new home would be once she’s all trained and ready to go. 



The post also talked about difficulties in Hamman's day-to-day treatment but was hopeful about her daughter's recovery.  Hamman was in a car with Tanya Meade, her grandmother, and her grand-uncle Kenneth Graden when the accident took place in the city of Wellington, according to the People article. Graden died while Tanya suffered a punctured lung, a shattered knee, and other severe injuries. 

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