20 Brilliant And Heartwarming Church Signs That Will Make You Smile

20 Brilliant And Heartwarming Church Signs That Will Make You Smile

Who knew a few words on a board could be so profound?

Churches are getting creative when it comes to their signages instead of being preachy. They are often profound and witty and touch upon a number of subjects ranging from politics and mental health to pop culture references and relationships among others. It's an innovative way to get people walking through the doors to your church or even just bringing a smile to people's faces as they walk on by. Here are 20 signs that will make you start or end your day on a bright note.


1. Sign of the times 

Source: Reddit/GallowBoob


2.  Love always wins

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3. Spittin' out straight facts

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4. Truth bombs

Image Credit: Reddit/ PrestoVivace


5. Shots fired  

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6. Spread love, not hate

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7. Can I get an amen?

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8. This hits deep  

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9. Need we say more?

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10. You won't be disappointed

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12. Holds every. single. time

Image Credit: Reddit/ UtopianDissident


13. Who can it be now?



 14. Seriously impressive



15. Pandemic humor 101



16. Another one!



17. Noah was a badass



18. Who says we can't be hip?


19. Preach!



20. Taco'ing it one day at a time


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