14-Year-Old Boy Sexually Assaults 26-Year-Old Woman

14-Year-Old Boy Sexually Assaults 26-Year-Old Woman

The woman was walking on a street in Cairns, Queensland on July 25 when the boy approached and grabbed her

Trigger Warning: The story has descriptions of a sexual assault that readers may find disturbing

A 14-year-old boy was charged with sexually assaulting a 26-year-old woman in Australia. According to 7news, the incident took place in Cairns, Queensland. The police said the boy walked up to the woman and grabbed her. There was a struggle between the two during the assault as the woman screamed for help. Bystanders and passing motorists heard the woman's cry for help and came to her rescue. The Queensland Police said in a statement, "Police have charged a teenage boy following the alleged sexual assault of a 26-year-old woman in Cairns on Saturday. It will be alleged at around 1.45 a.m. the woman was walking along McLeod Street when she approached by an unknown teen. After reviewing CCTV of the alleged offense, detectives conducted targeted patrols and identified the boy, arresting him on July 26. A 14-year-old Cairns boy has been charged with assault with intent to rape, attempted rape, and sexual assault and will appear before the Cairns Children’s Court." 


The department also asked people for any information on the incident to contact the police at www.police.qld.gov.au/reporting or Crime Stoppers via crimestoppersqld.com.au. During a press conference, Detective Acting Inspector, Jason Smith said the boy tried to "rape" the woman and was caught on Monday from the CCTV footage in the area. He added it was "distressing" a 14 year old was the culprit. We recently reported a 5-year-old boy who was gang-raped by minor boys all below the age of 13 in the remote north-west coast of Cape York in Queensland.



The attack was so brutal that the poor boy had to be rushed for emergency medical treatment and airlifted some 800 kilometers (497 miles) away to Cairns Hospital. The juvenile delinquents were taken into custody and police stated that they would be appropriately punished despite their ages. The boys were ostracised from their community whose members also banned the accused children from returning to the town. Katarina Carroll, the Queensland Police Commissioner described the incident as an "absolute tragedy" and added, "Sadly, yes, we did investigate that" while adding, "It appears to be a group of teenagers - absolute tragedy. We’re working with the community and it shouldn’t happen."


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She stated, "It’s tragic and we’re working with the victim, the families and the offending children as well.” In 2006, there was another incident where a 10-year-old girl was raped by a gang of boys from 13 to 25 years in Aurukuan according to the Daily Mail. The incident engulfed the entire country in anger and outrage especially since most of the rapists were let go by a court judgment despite the accused pleading guilty to a number of sexual offenses. The judge is even believed to have said that the victim "probably agreed" to have sex with rapists. She even brought forward the abusers' own background of belonging to troubled families and deprived neighborhoods. The judge pointed out that they were victims of abuse.



The young girl was born to an alcoholic mother and suffered from a mild intellectual disability. Even the then prime minister of the country, Kevin Rudd expressed his disgust at the crime and the decision of the court to let the rapists go. "I'm disgusted and appalled by the reports that I've seen in today's newspapers on this case. My attitude of violence towards women and children, including sexual violence towards women and children, is one of zero tolerance," he said.

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