13-Year-Old Bullied And Beaten During Gym Class, Loses Half Her Front Tooth

13-Year-Old Bullied And Beaten During Gym Class, Loses Half Her Front Tooth

Photos of the bruised and bloodied 7th grader were shared in a now-viral Facebook post.

Trigger Warning: This article contains graphic details of bullying and abuse that readers may find disturbing

A young Illinois teenage girl was recently the victim of bullying, based on a Facebook post shared by her sibling. Charlee Funes, 13, is a seventh grader at Gardner Grade School in Grundy County. During her PE class, the young teen was bruised and bloodied by another student. Funes had to be taken to the hospital to tend to her injuries. No stitches were needed, but she was bruised and one of her two front teeth broke off. Her family believes that the school was slow to act after they suspended the bully just for two days.



Elaborating on the story, Funes's sibling Maxwell wrote on Facebook: Today I'm going to share a story about my 13 year old sister, Charlee. Charlee goes to Gardner Grade School. She's a 7th grader with the biggest heart in the world. Charlee wouldn't touch a fly. Charlee has been repeatedly bullied by a girl in her class. Every instance was always name calling, never physical. Last week, however, this changed. Charlee was in PE Class when she attacked her. I'm not exaggerating when I say attacked. She was slammed into the pavement face first. Charlee lost half her front tooth and suffered severe scrapes to her face. Not only that, she's traumatized. She did not deserve this. The school never even called an ambulance. Charlee was helped up by her friend in PE Class. On top of that, the girl who attacked her has several records from other schools, not including GGS. The girl received a 2 day suspension. My mom met with the school's principal today. To sum up their discussion, the school is sweeping this under the rug. The principal would not discuss anything to my mom without an attorney. Likewise, we are also seeking legal help. My sister did not deserve this. My mom is now burdened with medical bills. My sister is now burdened with trauma. She's going to be scared to trust other people. 13 years old. What I'm asking you, my Facebook friends, is to share her story. We are trying to reach the local news stations. I pray that her story gets out and she gets the justice she deserves, because GGS certainly won't serve it.



The post received thousands of messages of support for the youngster. Sarah Elizabeth commented: This is HORRIBLE. How could teachers or administration let this slide? I am disgusted by that. Charlee was in the first classroom I have ever helped in. She was in fourth grade. I LOVED HER. she was (and I’m sure still is) an absolute sweetheart with a desire to learn. I am just flabbergasted that the school won’t do more for her. Do better GGS. Jennifer Grant Olson added: Max this is so upsetting to me. You know I worked at the school when you were there. I was there for 10 years and nothing like this happened. I do not agree with what the school is doing and I am glad your Mom is getting a lawyer. Charlee is one of the sweetest girls I have met. My heart is breaking for her. Hugs to you all.



According to WLS, despite the harrowing incident, the 13-year-old is moved by the outpour of love for her. "It makes me happy to know that I have family supporters," said Charlee Funes. As heartbroken as her family is by the incident, mom Kim Funes wants to set things right... the right way "A lot of people say, why didn't you go confront the lady? Why didn't you go smack her? Why didn't you go do this?" she said of the alleged bully's mother. "Two wrongs don't make a right. We have to do what's right." She added, "I was told the girl would receive two days' suspension. And no charges would filed against the girl because it was her first offense." Kim Funes said she wants the student who she said attacked her child to be expelled.

The family has set up a GoFundMe page for the young teen that you can find here.


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