11YO Boy Who Was Stabbed In His Bed Lives Long Enough To Tell Police His Mother Did It

11YO Boy Who Was Stabbed In His Bed Lives Long Enough To Tell Police His Mother Did It

The medical examiner noted that the woman stabbed her son multiple times and then stabbed herself.

A boy, who was just 11 years old, was stabbed in his own bed. While being taken to the hospital Bruce Johnson Jr. managed to muster the strength to reveal the person who stabbed him several times... His own mother. The incident took place on Sunday morning, July 10, just before 1 a.m. reports KCBD. The young boy told investigators that he was stabbed by his mother and then his mother stabbed herself. His father, Bruce Johnson Sr., was woken up by his son's screams at their home in the town of Hobbs, New Mexico. He also found his wife Mary Johnson stabbed, and unconscious in another room.



The 11-year-old boy did not make it and died from multiple stab wounds in the early hours of Sunday. His 49-year-old mother was stabilized and transferred to a hospital in Lubbock, Texas, where a warrant was issued for her arrest on first-degree murder charges. The boy's father was planning to file for divorce from Mary because she was often violent and abusive. Bruce Sr. then moved to Hobbs with his son from Oklahoma. But for the past 40 days, Mary begged to see her son. Mary came to Hobbs to spend time with them before the divorce was filed.



Two incidents of abuse were reported in Oklahoma but not in New Mexico where they recently moved. The Marshall County Sheriff’s office confirmed the reports but said when deputies went to check on the family, the woman didn’t meet the criteria to be taken into custody involuntarily. For her to be taken in, she would have to show signs of being a danger to herself or others, said Sheriff Donald Yow according to television station KXII. Neighbors claimed that the woman's behavior had recently gotten worse. Mary posted about the severe weather after tornados hit Kingston in March and said that they were a result of God’s wrath. "She got a lot worse right after the tornado. But, I mean, she had been doing this for two months before the tornado," Marshall County resident Erick Wyatt told KXII. "This is something that had been going on probably since November or December of the previous year, and it kept escalating more and more." She also allegedly made reference to “stabbing a partner’s heart… then yourself” in one post. The investigation is ongoing, deputies said.

If anyone has information about the case, please contact the Criminal Investigation Division at 5754-396-3611.


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