An 11-Year-Old Girl Is Sewing Over A Thousand Masks For Homeless People All By Herself

An 11-Year-Old Girl Is Sewing Over A Thousand Masks For Homeless People All By Herself

Holli Morgan started to worry about the homeless when masks were made mandatory and decided she wanted to make masks for them.

A reliable way to curb the transmission of the coronavirus is to use a mask. By just covering the nose and mouth a person can do a lot in ensuring they do not spread the virus. The benefits of a mask are very obvious and clear. Apart from those refusing to wear it, there is also a shortage of masks, so that the ones who want to wear them, are unable to. But this elementary school girl helped in doing her part in trying to cover a part of the demand for face masks, especially for healthcare workers who needed it the most. She is now on a mission to make, over 1,000 masks for the homeless.


Holli Morgan is an 11-year-old from DeKalb County, Georgia who wants to make a difference. The fifth-grader has been working hard behind her sewing machine, in efforts to make cloth masks for those in need. "My mom's a healthcare worker, so I decided to do my part and give back to the healthcare workers," Holli Morgan a student at the DeKalb School of the Arts, had told CBS 46. She is now continuing to use her time at home, along with her knack for sewing to make face masks for those whom the people in power have forgotten about. 


Holli has decided to sew 1,200 masks in an attempt to provide masks for the homeless. She has even set-up a GoFundMe page for this purpose. On the fundraising page it read, "After doing community service projects through her church, Berean Christian Church, she realizes that not everyone who is homeless is the same. There are many homeless people who work every day as an essential worker and require masks to enter buildings. Holli understood their plight wanted to do her part to give back." Currently, she has managed to make 580 masks out of her goal of 1,200 masks in total. "Homeless people are just people, without a home," she stated.


The little seamstress picked up sewing and has been honing her skills for the past two years with a local nonprofit "Stitch it 2 'Em." She has been making masks in her spare time with the help of her teacher and leader Kecia Mack. When Holli learned that wearing masks is mandatory, she started to worry about the homeless and decided she wanted to make masks for them. “It’s her own initiative. It wasn’t something that someone planted in her. She saw there was a need, and knew she was gifted to do this. She took it on herself to be a blessing to others,” Dr. Kerwin Lee, the senior pastor of Berean Christian Church, told WSBTV.


Lee will be taking charge of distributing the masks that Holli will be making. "Throughout our 25-year history, we've seen many young people be used mightily by God to make a difference," Lee told ABC 7. "I think the difference with Holli is that she's making a difference during a season of pandemic." Holli also feels the same way. "It's easy, and it takes just a little time to help others, just help the community," she said, adding, "It makes me feel like I did something to help the Earth in a major pandemic." After her thoughtful gesture of making masks for healthcare workers garnered attention a few months ago, she set up a Facebook page, Holli Hearts Healthcare - H3, "to change the world one mask at a time." 


Holli's mother April McMillian said, "This little girl just wanted to help. She’s a little girl who wanted to be part of something big. None of us really knew how big it would go." She added, "Ever since she was born, she's always had this big heart." 





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