Women Are Celebrating The End Of Their Marriages With 'Divorce Cakes'

Women Are Celebrating The End Of Their Marriages With 'Divorce Cakes'

Some cakes are glitzy, while others are plain brutal.

Some people wait their entire lives to get married while many others can't wait for the day they get out of one. While marriages can be blissful with the right partner, one does not always meet their match. All matches are not all made in heaven like books and myths make us believe. Marriages are hard work that requires a lot of compatibility, flexibility, and sensitive communication. While divorces are not really perceived as a happy occasion, there are those who choose to find humor in them through a new trend of "divorce cakes." We compile some hilarious cakes people have ordered to celebrate their separation below:


1. The headless groom 

A cake that seems to embody the sentiment that marriage is often associated with - "familiarity breeds contempt." And in this case, decapitation.





 2.  Taking it to the grave

A divorce is a sign of a new life. You bury all the past hurt and probably, even your husband as shown in this cake.





3. A push for the best life

There is no better way to say goodbye to a bad marriage than simply pushing them out of your life. This cake tells it best!





4. Some things belong in the trash can

Some former spouses are better off in the trash after marriage since they are clearly nothing more than filth. 





5. Dobby, you are free

For a lot of people, divorce can be liberating. It is a new lease of life, and of greater possibilities. This cake with its loud exclamation of freedom says it best. 




6. Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is an icon for women in popular culture. She fights off all the villains, usually men, and saves the day. So there's no better way to say you are divorced than saying you are no less than Wonder Woman, who lives life on her own terms.




 7. Luke, I'm Not Your Wife

This one is for a husband who is a big fan of The Star Wars movies. Hit them where it hurts.





8. Pun Intended

This one's cute. Life does not end with a divorce. If anything, the wife goes on...we mean, life goes on.




9. The Announcement

If you are the kind who wants to announce your divorce from the rooftop and possible invite other suitors, we recommend this rather glitzy looking cake that is sure to get you noticed.






10. Message On A Cupcake

Not just with one big cake, the announcement of your new life can also be conveyed through cupcakes. Nothing says "it's over" like writing it on different cupcakes.   



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